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Privacy policy

Privacy policy


Handling of Personal Information

Takumi Shoji Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Takumi Shoji” or “We”) strictly complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and regulations. Any personal information provided to us by our customers is properly managed and handled as hereunder stated.

Purposes of Using Personal Information

Personal information provided to Takumi Shoji will be used properly, in part or in whole, for the following purposes:
To offer services, etc. that have been registered or requested by customers;
To deliver products, etc. that customers have applied for or ordered;
To announce events such as exhibitions and seminars;
To reports on results, etc. to persons who cooperate or participate in our questionnaires, events, etc.;
To distribute offers for services via direct mail, e-mail deliveries, facsimile, etc.;
To decide and notify our decisions regarding the acceptance of employment applications;
For other affairs related to or associated with the above activities.

Provision of Personal Information

Takumi Shoji never discloses the personal information it receives from customers to any third parties, unless customers give their consent or disclosure is required under laws and regulations.

Deposit of Personal Information

In order to attain the purposes specified in the above paragraph 1, we may deposit personal information of our customers to a designated consignee. When we deposit the personal information of our customers to a designated consignee, we select the most appropriate consignee, properly oversee the consignee to ensure that all personal information is handled safely at the consignee’s workplace, and take measures to clarify the obligations and responsibilities of the consignee by concluding agreements and so forth.。

Handling of Personal Information Associated with Links to Outside Websites

The website we operate may include links to the websites of third parties. We are not held liable for the security imposed on the handling and management of personal information by the administrators of other websites, or of the contents of other websites. If you have any questions about these issues, we recommend that you directly contact the other websites linked to our website.

Handling of the Personal Information Specified per Merchandise, Service, or Business Project

We may stipulate special provisions in our personal information policy regarding purposes of use, conditions on the provision of personal information to third parties, or contact points established per merchandise, service, or business project. Please note that when special provisions differ from our specified policy for the “Handling of Personal Information,” any items specified per relevant merchandise, service, or business project take precedence and apply.

Disclosure, Correction, or Suspension of the Use of Registered Data

When a customer requests that we disclose, correct, suspend the use of, or remove the customer’s personal data, we respond quickly to the request upon verifying the customer’s identity, unless special reasons prevent us from complying with such request. For details on our procedures, please refer to the following contact point and explanations on personal information procedures.

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